Heating Lamb Glassed

Heating of lamb glassed roughly in 500°C:

The specifications and the data that the material should have are the following:

The initial temperature of lamb glassed it starts at 100°C and the final temperature must be 500°C.

At the duration of the trials were presented certain problems. One customer was used metall cartridge heaters but the time of life was very small only certain hundread hours.

With their replacement by elements of radiation FSR 1000W and FSR/2 500W the operation of some hundread hours can be completed. Because of the high temperature of the elements the usual time of life there is a possibility not to comlete.

Nevertheless the advantage from the cartridge heaters was so big that all the heaters from the machines were replaced with elements FSR 1000W and FSR/2 500W.

For this application we can also use elements of heating SHTS/1 1200W and SHTS/2 600W.

To close the required time of heating in this case was less than half a minute.