Heating PVC

Ηeating Rigid PVC:

Heating PVCThe specifications and the data that the material should have are the following:

The material must have 400mm wide and 3mm thick, the conveying speed must be ν=4m/min, the desired temperature must be 120°C (T=120°C) and finally the radiation is possible from both sides.

At the duration of trials were presented certain problems:

Since PVC is a bad heat conductor, the heating process is accelerated by the possibility to heat the material from both sides.

A laboratory test with two radiaton panels BSH resulted in a heating time of 8 seconds. The temperature was 550°C and the radiation 10cm on each side.

Based on a convey speed of 4m/min, as specified we can calculate a heating path of approx. 53cm.

A proposed solution that we give in this problem is the following:

2×6 constructional elements EBF/50 equipped with infrared emitters HTS/1 600W. In order to develop all the radiation that exists (without having any losses) we add reflectors from clean polished aluminium at the edge of length of radiation. Finally is required control of teperature.