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High quality, flexible heating and insulation solutions for industrial applications. Established standard products as well as customized manufacturing-for nearly all applications and objects:

Container heaters industry & lab
Container heaters hazardous area
Pipe trace heating
Heating jackets industry & lab
Heating jackets hazardous area
Insulation jackets plastics technology
Application specific insulation jackets

Description & Application:

Flexible insulation jackets as original equipment and after-market equipment for ring heaters at injection moulding and extrusion machinery.
Available for nearly ALL established types (e.g. Arburg, Battenfeld, Bucher, Demag, Engle, Klockner, Krauss-Maffei, Nestal, Rico, Windsor, etc)
Individual and customized for a perfect fit- at a price of a standard product. The average payback period is less than 1 year.

Advantages & Benefits:

The equipment of ring heaters with insulation jackets offers a plenty of advantages increasing the productivity of machines and operators significantly:

Cost saving:  Energy cost reduction up to 40% , life-circle increasement of heating elements.
Time saving: Reduction of the start-up time due to a faster heating-up up to 50%.
Process safety and quality: Temperature profile homogenization by protecting the machine parts against environmental influence (e.g. air draught).
Work safety: Protection against contact by reduction of the surface contact temperature up to 70%, increased fire protection.
Quality & long-life cycle: High quality materials and precise manufacturing, correct fitting.
Ease of maintenance: Fast and easy assembling disassembling at any time, soil-resisting.
Work conditions: Reduction of the ambient temperature.

Based on the evident as well as the frequently proofed advantages today the machines of leading manufacturers are factory- provided with insulation jackets already.

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Product Description

Design, Materials & Options:

All jackets are each individual CAD designed and custom-made (no on-side measurements required). The power supply, temperature sensors and other additions are considered by accurately sized cut-outs. Only high quality and high temperature resistant fabrics are used:

Design:  glass fibre fabric with PTFE (TEFLON) coating (resistant against moisture, soil and melted plastic)
Option:  anthracite, black, antistatic design

Design:  glass fibre fabric, heat resistant up to +450°C
Option:  cut-proofed, reinforced

Design:  high temperature insulation
Option: available thickness 10-15mm, according to the application

Design:  adjustable fastener
Option:  stainless steel buckles, hook-and-loop fastener, hook and tension spring

Calculation of the payback period (exemplarity):


Manufacturer  Engel
Heating Power  3,6 KW
Cylinder Temperature  240-290 °C


 Energy Cost  8 ct/KWh
 CO2 Factor  0,43 kg/KWh
 Time of Operation  24 h/day

Potential savings:

 per annum  in 5 years
Cost Saving  576 €  2.980 €
CO2 Saving  3.096 kg  15.480kg

Actual values are measured in a sufficient long time period. In general a payback period than 1 year can be expected.

Technical Data:


max.  object temp.  +450 °C
max. ambiet temp.  -60…+250 °C
insulation thickness  10…50 mm

Quality Management:      DIN ISO 9000:2005


Remark about the Thermal Efficiency at Machine Cylinders:

As to the practice injection moulding and extrusion machines are very sensitive against thermal environmental influences resulting in an according variability of the product quality.
The thermal efficiency of the machine cylinder or head always has to be considered holistically. In particular the heat produced by the friction of the screw is an essential parameter: frictional heat is produced in the compression zone during the dosing. Exceeding a critical value the use of an insulation could cause a heat accumulation near the injector and thereby an exceeding of the required operating temperature.
The heat requirement has to be calculated again when using insulation and the temperature profile has to be adjusted if necessary.