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Drying of Covering Powder

Drying of Covering Powder with Twin Tube Carbon Emitters:

Metal openers of bottles are covered with powder in a machine of covering powder of varnish it will melt and dry using twin tube carbon emitters. The twin tube carbon emitters suit precisely in drying of polish and varnish and accelerate the process of drying and therefore we have reduction of the cost of production.

Covering of powder with infrared radiation dry with confidence and with excessive speed. The powder absorbs the infrared radiation astonishing good, so it is heated very fast.

Consequently the situation of powder is considerably successful comparing with conventional methods of heating as ovens of circulation of hot air. One fast wasting away improves the quality of varnish and increases the proportion of tempo imputation. The length of wave of infrared radiation has important result in drying. The water and a lot of other components are evaporated very fast when they come in contact with infrared radiation of intermediate wave. The reason for this is because intermediate size radiation in water and in other components they are changed directly in heat.

The carbon emitters were developed by Heraeus for precisely this scope of intermediate wave. Twin tube carbon they are infrared emitters, which for first time combines the technology carbon with the improved quartz tube. The emitters produce also high density of radiation through their big stability, are available in lengths of emissions up to 3m. The carbon Twin tube emitters can also re-equipped in existing infrared systems. All carbon emitters combine effective radiation of intermediate wave with high density force, drying dyes and varnishes faster. Special characteristic of emissions is their high effectiveness and the fast years of correspondence.

The infrared radiation penetrates into material and polymerizes the film of varnish from the interior to outside, the wall or the configuration of blisters in the surface is also protected drying the varnishes is accelerated. The result is a brilliant surface quality.