Drying of glue

The specifications and the data of material are following:

The glue (rubber) which has been applied in a paper textile should dry under infrared emitters. The width of textile should be at 900mm and the speed of transport at 20m/minute.

At the duration of trials we observed certain problems. The better results appeared at the duration of 10sec. in temperature of radiator in 350°C and distance of radiation the 7cm.

If it is used radiator] with higher temperatures for less time of display the glue appears bubbles and the paper are degraded in this case we do not have satisfactoriness drying.

If they are expected components to release when the glue is dried must consider the indispensable regulations of safety.

Finally the proposed solution that is given is the following:

For the speed of transport 20m/minute and heated time at 10sec. one minimal drying procedure is roughly the 3,3m. This procedure should build from 35 EBF/100 that are constituted from HTS/1 of 250W. The constructional elements of EBF were selected in order to ensure that the particular region of force is not big.

The total installed force is in the 35kW. In this case the control of temperature is absolutely necessary.