Textil Oven

Infrared Emitters for Textiles

In most cases when the textiles should dry, the water it should it is removed from the fibers. At the duration of the process of drying, because the thickness material and the residual humidity can vary, combinations that are constituted by systems infrared or transfer they are used the most of the time.

The process of drying can be divided in three stages:

1. Drying until the evaporation
2. Region of instantaneously speed of evaporation
3. Final the process of drying with infrared can have decreased time in the 1st and 2nd stage (until 30% compared to the process of transfer).

When they are used infrared emitters the process of evaporation begins earlier as a result the total time of drying is decreased.

There is a small technical cost for infrared emitters, as it is provided in these machines as an extra appliance for increase of speed of production and is often decisive factors, for successful application of infrared radiation in the systems of drying textiles.

Finally the advantages of this application are following:

  • Good attribution of radiation energy
  • Is achived high output per surface
  • Does not need protective for blidness when the machine stops
  • Small period of heating when the machine set off