Infrared Dryer
Food Oven

Maintenance of Hot Food


At the duration of trials existed certain problems and the results are the following:

The trials have shown that the dark infrared systems are enough suitable for this application. It is considered as particular advantage by the customers after the infrared systems do not emit visible light and consequently do not change the appearance of food. On the other hand this leads to a danger that we cannot see when the infrared systems turn on.

This the danger of burns in the case of touching it is difficult to become perceptible. Concrete protection can be applied covering the elements of radiation with a wide mesh from empty wire or from parallel connection with a light of warning.

A proposed solution is the following:

It depends from the desirable temperature and the distance between the infrared systems and the food, the elements of radiation FSR or HTS/1 with breadth forces 250W and 400W they can be used. They can also be used also constructional elements EBF modified from the user – as an example making installation of protection adversely accidental touching. For reasons of hygiene, the producers of cookers as generally use stainless steel when they build the wrapping. The infrared systems are installed in them.

In order to we keep the temperature of infrared systems and the food it is maintained hot, we use the “lamp dimmer” with her less places of gradation force. Finally when it becomes this should be known to the customer that the force dimmer corresponds in the force of infrared systems where they are checked.